Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day Seventy Five: Library

I had lots of classes today, a whole two. I learned a lot of good stuff, but I do not really want to review it again. After class I went to the library and spent an hour there trying to get books for all the papers I had to write. I ended up getting 5, but that only covers 2 out of the 3 papers I have to research and write. So, I am going to have to go back... and by back I mean go to two other libraries that are part of the Kingston system to collect all the books I need. I think they need to have one collective library in a central area of all the campus. Like and Kingston Union, it would make things so much easier.

Anyway, when I got back I asked Allie to go with me to the Albert. We went and I got fish and chips, or as the Albert puts is: fresh cod yadda yadda lightly battered yadda and chips. It was fancy-like. It was delicious. It was really nice not to have chicken for the third night in a row and it was really nice not to have to cook tonight.

When we got back home, we went and talked to Philipa. We wanted to ask if we could have another dinner tonight, which they said yes too. Philipa also ended up telling Allie and I how she does not want us to leave and that she does not want new tenants. This made me really sad, and made me realize how I am not ready to leave. I am going to miss Philipa and this home so much. I love my room and my flat, because it is mine. I like saying that I live in London and that England is pretty much my second home. However, Philipa saying all of this made me feel a little more realistic about the leaving thing. Ah well, what am I going to do. Staying is not an option and I do want to see my friends and family again, I do miss you guys a lot. If I could bring these two worlds together it would be AWESOME, and save a lot of heartache.

I am going to try and motivate myself to do work for the rest of the night. Not sure how that will go but all of those books are staring me in the face and my fingers are tired... I do not know why.

Tomorrow after class, and... packing? schoolwork? creative writing? napping? ... I am going to get on a bus to Dublin. I will be there until Monday morning. This is my plan. Oh and I am going to have to bring a lot of schoolwork with me because I sill have 8,000 words to write. My new story I am working on... I have written 8,000 words of it in the last two days, this is what we call irony.


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