Friday, December 11, 2009

Day Eight Four: Got Sleep!

After class i took a three hour nap, so that is helping to fight off my sickness i am sure will come as soon as i get home and breath. The rest of the day i picked up my room and worked on a little schoolwork, not as much as i should have though. When i get home from Paris i will be writing a paper due for the next day, hmmm, go me.

Tomorrow i am waking up at 4 so i can get to Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where i will be until Monday. I dono when i will find the time to write about it considering at the end of the week i will be home!!!!!!!!!!!!

love u!

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  1. kristin i was just catching up with you for the past week & 1/2. what a whirl wind of travel. there is no doubt that you will be hibernating for days and days when you return home. I do hope we see you over the CHristmas break. Best of luck with your final papers and your last week in London. Safe travels home and we are all looking forward to giving you a huge hug! XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Aunt Sharon