Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Eighty Two: 1,500 Words (or a little less) in One Day!

PICTURE: This is a scene from one of the Elf videos I made tonight! HAHA!

I set my alarm at 8:00am so that I could get up and write my papers. I did end up getting it done, making it be 2,3000 words in two days awesome. One was on Parliament and and the other was on King Arthur. The last two papers I have to write are a comparison of the great David statues, and how I can make showers more sustainable, so if any of you have ideas, I will take them.

I was late to class because I needed to print but then it turned out I did not have enough money to print out the second paper, so I emailed it to him instead. I let him know what happened and he seemed okay with it. In class I doodled a snow scene which everyone loved because, just like me, they all wanted to be in the snow. I did not really pay to much attention in class because I was thinking about all I have to do before I come home. Which is a lot, 2 1,500 word papers, packing, day trips into London, a final, a portfolio and Paris this weekend. It will be awesome. Between jet-lag and recovering from the last couple of weeks I foresee little movement on my part in coming home.

After class I went with some friends, Erin, Stacey, Devish, Kristy and Ruthie to a pub for dinner. Allie wanted to go home and get organized for schoolwork so she did not come with us. It was a lot of fun, lots of laughter and discussion of the party Allie and I are throwing to say goodbye next Wednesday. Its going to be a taco and Harry Potter night, hahahahahaha. That will be a lot of fun and I will be all done with everything by then!

Now I am lying in bed and not doing anything for the first time in a long time. It is very nice, I made a lot of those Elf things on facebook and they made me giggle. Okay it's time to do more nothing!


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