Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Journey, New Journal...

Short and Sweet: I am heading back overseas, and I have created another blog to keep in touch with family and friends. Just in case someone returns to this blog thinking this is where I will post for my new journey I am putting up this quick post to redirect them to the right location. The new blog is...

Thanks for all of your continued support!
xx, Kristin

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day Ninety Eight: Closing

This will be the briefest closing in all time:

If you followed my adventure in europe you know what this all meant to me. you know how much i love my experiences, and my chance to see the world. this was the greatest memory, and i am proud to add it onto the list of memories i already have made. This was the chance of a life time, and i got to take it.

i thank everyone who supported me, and i love you for it.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day Ninety Seven: This was my Paris

WHoops, so last night i passed out at 7 so I failed to write about Paris, so I will tell you about Paris today! I am also going to make my last entry for my 6 days and 3 months abroad blog tomorrow. It will be a great closing. Anyway Paris:

I woke up at 4:30 and got to Paris around 12. By the time we got to out hostel in maumount (i dont think i spelled that right). We decided we would go on the free tour at 6. The tour took us all around the place we were staying. this included: the MOULIN ROUGE!!! The last windmill in Paris, the sacred heart church at the highest point in paris, and many other locations. On the tour we made friends with the two other tourists, a girl from NJ and a boy from Austrlia (i think? he was job training in paris anyway.) the 4 of us went out to dinner afterwards, we got this half a wheel of cheese which they set up to melt out onto a plate. you can put the melted cheese onto potatoes, and sliced meats. It was delicious and filling.

Woke up at 9 to get out free breakfast of croissants, tea, coffee and cereal. We then went on a second free tour of paris that took us through the more touristy area of paris. we saw notre dame, the eiffle tower, the louver, the damage from WW II, where the last temple knight was burned, the bridge that has the faces of Henry 8th drunken friends, the love/artist bridge, were one of the french rebellions started. We saw a lot, the tour lasted for about 4 hours, a little more. After the tour we went back to explore on our own. we went back to the notre dame where allie wanted to go to confession, i waited for her and listened to some really excellent music. we learned how to use the metro, which was exciting.

Woke up at 9:30 and got more free breakfast. Then we went exploring for our last day in Paris. We went to the effile tower again, where we climbed the 700 steps to the first floor and the 700 steps to the second floor. that was a lot of work because we still had out backpacks on, and i dono about allie but mine was really heavy and got heavier the further we walked up the stairs. we only had an hour to spend at the louver by the time we finished that and we got on the train to come hom. we pulled into KING CROSS STATION around 11:30 (i think) and got home a little after 12.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day Ninety Five: COOP

Today, i finally made it to cooperstown so tomorrow i will update on paris@!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today i arrived home in america after a 7 hour flight. landing in a bliszzard was awesome, so happy to see snow. I am spending the night in manhattan with aunt sandy and will be heading up to coop tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Ninety Two: Au Revoir London

Today was an insanely busy day. I woke up at 7 so I could finish my paper for my portfolio that I have to turn in today, because I am leaving the country. Technically it is not due until January, but as I will not be here... Then i went to class, which is canceled which made me mad because I needed my tutor to sign something, but dont worry i emailed her and she said it would be fine. Then i went shopping in Kingston where I got Hanna the best christmas present and I also exchanged my leftover euros into dollars. Then I went home and relaxed for a minute, for the first time in awhile. Then I went to a goodbye lunch set up by the international office and I got to see everyone for a last time, that was sad but I am not thinking about that now. Then I went to the library with Ruthie to return books, for the last time.

From the library I got on the train and went into central london. I ended up walking around for 3ish hours, I walked a lot. Also, I ended up getting 15 scarves for 25 pounds... AWESOME and they are a really super good quality! So, it was a killing and I got a free pin with them! It was sad saying goodbye to the Big Ben and the London Eye and Parliament and Trafalgar Square, the west end, the west minister... London in general. It was so sad. But I am not thinking about that.

As i walked through the city i couldnt help but think of a line from gilmore girls, which i thought was really funny, "its not scary anymore." and thats how i felt, it wasnt a scary place anymore. I didnt feel lost, overwhelmed or confused. I knew that if i wandered off my beaten path i could figure out how to get home, even without a map. i knew that i did not need to be afraid and i realize how homey london was to me now. the idea sprung up on me, but i liked it. being independant is not scary anymore.

When I got home, I repacked my already super full suitcase to fit in the scarves and then we had a "family dinner" It was a lot of fun, we did the pork and apple recipe that dad did before I left, and it was really good. Allie cooked, of course, haha. We sat around and had a really good time. There were christmas crackers with the crowns that you always see in movies, and we wore them when we ate. It was fun, i really felt british then. and I should i have lived here for three months.

we played a game called articulate, we being me allie john philipa joe and kia, where you had a word and had to get ur team to guess it. it was kinda like balderdash but without the list of words you couldnt use. joe, kia and i were on the winning team and that was fun. these people are a lot of fun and i am going to miss them a lot. they got allie and i presents which is also packed in my suitcase, i am not allowed to open it until christmas.

i am going to miss everyone so much. even my american friends live all over the usa from cali to north carolina ... like everywhere!

one last night in this home, my english home. how weird.

cant wait to see all you home people!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Nintey One: hahaha

I made it through my all nighter and turned in my 4000 words today. I feel better. When i was done with 6 hours of classes I came back here and fell asleep until 6. Then i began working on the next set of homework which i am working on right now. I will be done shortly and at least I will make it under the covers tonight.

2 days till home